Technical sessions

( Note : As the technical sessions are being conducted in parallel mode, all are requested to check the tentative schedule of the conference and plan the participation accordingly)

Template for Abstract:

Oral/Paper presentation

Guidelines :

•  Allotted time for each presentation is 8 mins and 2 mins for discussion

•  Limit the presentation to not more than 15 slides

•  Presenter has to be well equipped with Laptop/Desktop and good internet connection

Poster presentation


•  All e-posters must be prepared in English

•  You may use PowerPoint that can be converted to PDF.

•  In these formats, the e-poster should be: PowerPoint, PDF or JPG.

•  The e-poster comprises just one page, with the list of sections Title, Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, etc.

•  Provide definite labels or headings to prevent confusion for each segment of your presentation.

•  Poster format: Landscape format is highly recommended.

•  Size of E-Poster: It is strongly recommended to use a A0 size (84.1 x 118.9 cm) (format W * H), with a simple and clear font (Arial, Arial black, Calibri…) and regular text size not less than 28 for the body of the different sections (depending on the quantity of information you add and the design you use).

•  Images and Graphs: The suggested resolution is 300 dpi for images / photos or charts. To check that the final / printed version appears properly, zoom in at 100% and inspect the images and charts.

•  Color: Use dark fonts (black, navy blue, dark green) on light backgrounds (white, yellow, light blue). Use light fonts (white, yellow, cyan, etc.) on dark backgrounds (blue, purple).

•  Multimedia: The e-poster can include videos (please use Adobe Acrobat Pro to embed movies in PDF)

•  File Size: Maximum file size is 4 Megabytes (4MB).